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Department: Internship and Job Services
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Internship Learning Contract
Internship Journal
Internship Application
Department: Library
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Interlibrary Loan Book Request Form
Interlibrary Loan Article Request Form
Department: Admissions and Enrollment Services
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Information Requests for Credit Programs
Information Request for Promise Pathway Program
Group Tour Request Form
FERPA Information Release Form
F-1 Student Transfer Form
ESSENCE Program Application Form
Enrollment Verification Form
Distance Learning Testing Approval Form
Credit Registration Form
Department: Financial Aid and Records
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Housing Status Form
Consortium Agreement
Department: Academic Affairs
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Honors Program Contract Course Form
Honors Program Applications & Faculty Recommendation Forms
Hispanic Association of Hagerstown Scholarship Application
Department: College Advancement
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HCC Foundation Scholarship Application
Department: Student Affairs
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Graduation Announcements Order Form
Code of Student Conduct
Department: Technology and Computer Studies Division
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Game Development Club Scholarship
Cybersecurity Teacher Institute Application
Department: Student Activities
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Fundraiser Approval Form
Department: Human Resources
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Form WV/IT-104 West Virginia Income Tax Witholding Exemption
Form W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
Form VA-4, Virginia Income Tax Withholding Exemption
Express Scripts Prescription Drug Claim Form
Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9
Code of Trust
Department: Disability Support Services
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Exam Reader Scribe Request Form
Electronic Textbook Request Form
Disability Release Form
Disability Intake Form
Department: Continuing Education and Workforce Development
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EARN Green Grant Intake Form
EARN Green Grant Intake Form
Contract Training Registration Form
Continuing Education Registration Form
Continuing Education Course Proposal Form
Continuing Education Course Proposal Form
Department: Academic Advising and Registration
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Diploma Reprint Request Form
Dental Hygiene Program Planning Sheet
Dental Assisting Program Planning Sheet
Department: Health Sciences Division
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Dental Hygiene Observation Verification Form
Dental Clinic Policies and Procedures
Department: Commercial Vehicle Transportation
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CVT Scholarship Application
Department: Academic Affairs, Admissions and Enrollment Services
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Credit for Prior Learning Application
Credit for Prior Learning Application
Department: Nursing Division
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CNA-GNA Program Health Form