Stafford Loan Prior Default Appeal Form

A student who has previously defaulted (270+ days late on their student loans) on any prior federal student loan must complete this loan appeal and be approved by the director in order to be eligible for student loans here at Hagerstown Community College.

If the loan(s) are still in default, do not complete this appeal as you must first resolve the default and bring it to good standing. The Student Financial Aid Office is here to help you through the process. If you feel overwhelmed and are struggling with all of this, please contact us and we will be glad to offer any assistance we can.

IMPORTANT: Default appeals may be completed in person with a financial aid staff representative or you may complete the paperwork individually and submit it to the Student Financial Aid Office. In very limited circumstances other arrangements may be made. Please contact us using the instructions below.

Please contact our financial aid line at (240)-500-2473 or email us at: to arrange an appointment or to ask any questions.

Requirement Check List

  1. Schedule an appointment with the financial aid office for one-on-one assistance or print and complete the Default Appeal Form on your own.
  2. Review the Default Counseling PowerPoint.
  3. Complete the default appeal quiz.
  4. Submit the appeal and appeal quiz to the financial aid office.
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