SGA Voting Page 2017-2018

Please Note: Only students taking Spring 2017 or Summer 2017 credit classes are eligible to vote.

Student Information

Channa Luke - President

My name is Channa Luke, and I am an engineering and physics major in my first year at HCC. I am from Myersville, MD and I went to Middletown High School in Middletown, MD. When I first came to HCC, I was nervous because I had just withdrawn from a four year school and was worried that this school wouldn't be "as good" but I was proven so very wrong. I love HCC more than anything, and the valuable lessons I have learned in my short period of time here are irreplaceable and indescribable. So, as SGA President, I hope to be able to make SGA events more prominent and to reach out to the college community in order to show everyone how wonderful HCC is and to help inform people of the fantastic opportunities that occur here on campus. SGA is like a hidden gem right now, and I hope that as president, i can help make it not as hidden and more into the community. Everyone deserves to feel like they have a voice on campus, and SGA makes that possible. I hope I am given this opportunity to be president.


Sarah Snouffer - Vice-President

Hello everyone, my name is Sarah Snouffer. I am currently the SGA Secretary and president of the Psychology and Sociology Club. I am running for SGA Vice President. I am a Human Services major who is passionate about helping people. If approved, I look forward to working with my fellow SGA Members to promote campus life and to help create a fun safe environment for all students, staff, and faculty. Thanks in advance for voting!


Marta Delgado – Secretary

The SGA is your voice on campus! We represent students and provide a variety of services to the community. The goals for this semester as the SGA Secretary is to be interactive with the student body, addressing their needs and wants for the campus especially with those coming from other nations who struggle with the impact of language, culture, and other needs in their lives and around the campus. I want to encourage more student involvement in campus affairs and extracurricular activities, clubs, etc.

Campus Involvement : I've been involved in several activities and their promotions as well as collaborating by designing promotions, accommodating equipment, and participating in open talks and games towards the goals of completing events and tasks so that the organization of events was possible.

Career Aspirations: I want to be a professional graphic and web designer with not only the focus on technology but also in the written, and sketching format.

My anthem for this semester is that we need to have goals in three categories, academic, physical and spiritual. These three will represent and be factors to determine our success. If we hold on tight to our beliefs, families, friends, and goals we can succeed. Let's soar Hawks!!!


Owen Powell- Treasurer

My name is Owen Powell, I am from Myersville, Maryland and attend Middletown High School (I am currently a dual enrollment student). I am an engineering major in my first semester at HCC, and hope to attend the University of Maryland. As treasurer, I hope to help expand the SGA's reach throughout the community by improving events and by providing students more activities on campus. HCC is a fantastic school and I hope that the SGA can help make it even better.


Marriam Butt – Senator

Marriam is a graduate of North Hagerstown High School and is in the Pharmacy Tech program. She was a senator on the 2016-17 SGA team, and looks forward to another year of representing students as senator.


Lois Ngam – Senator

Lois loved getting involved on campus during the 2016-17 school year and is excited for the opportunity to plan fun events and interact more with HCC students and employees. Lois is busy on campus with her classes and student worker position, and looks forward to getting to know you this coming year through all of the great activities SGA will sponsor.


Brenda Rentas

Hello! I am a triple major in nursing, psychology and sociology. I currently hold the position of PTK president and PTK officer of public relations. This past year, I was the PTK executive vice president. I am willing to be a team player and help SGA go above and beyond what is expected. I am looking forward to working with all of you.


Ethan Rubinstein - Senator

Hello, my name is Ethan Rubinstein. I am the current Treasurer of the Student Govt Association, and the Vice President of the Psych/Soc Club. I am majoring in CyberSecurity. I graduated from South Hagerstown High School. I would like to be your Senator for my last semester at HCC because I like to promote around campus, be involved, and be a good leader.