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New Leadership Club...

Hello All,
We are working together to provide a forum whereby students can earn the MD Community College Leadership Certificate. As a result, we’ve created a leadership club and structured some activities/workshops for the spring semester to help students meet the criteria. There will be opportunities for students to develop their resume’s, an electronic portfolio, take the Myers-Briggs, learn about leadership styles and project management…just to name a few. We’ll be hosting guest speakers for our monthly meetings to cover a variety of topics. Please share the following announcment with your students.....Thanks!
New Leadership Club now forming! 
Are you already actively involved on campus or looking for a new opportunity to be a campus leader?
 Learn how you can earn the MD Community College Leadership Certificate
Wednesday, December 8th at Noon
Student Center Conference room
*Pizza Luncheon will be provided*
For more information please contact Bonnie Owens or Heather Barnhart

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