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Tutor - student worker

Duties:  Tutors provide academic support for a variety of subject areas at Hagerstown Community College.  All tutors work in the Learning Support Center (LSC) to provide content-specific assistance to students.

Special Skills Needed:  Although tutors are not required to major in the subject areas for which they wish to tutor, they must demonstrate proficiency in the content areas for which they apply.  Applicants will be evaluated through interview screenings, pre-assessments, and work sample submissions.  The ability to tutor multiple subjects is a plus.  Any student who tutors at Hagerstown Community College must have received an "A" in the course he or she wishes to tutor, as well as having an instructor reference for that specific course.

While we are interested in tutor applications for all course areas, some specific disciplines that are currently searching for tutors are listed below:

* All levels of Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics

* Algebra, Calculus I/II/III, Statistics

* Writing (ENG courses as well as writing in all other disciplines)

* All levels of IST, BUS, and WEB

Hours per week:  Varies, however, no more than 29 hours per week.

Additional Information:  All tutoring takes place in the Learning Support Center.  When not actively working with students, tutors perform various administrative duties as support staff.


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