Library Behavioral Policies

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The Library is a peaceful and safe learning space for all to use and enjoy. The Library welcomes all members of the college and general community, but please keep in mind that the Library is not intended as a social gathering place. Respect fellow patrons and students by following library policies for noise, cell phones, children, and use of materials.

Noise in the Library

  • "Noise" is defined as any sound or combination of sounds that are, or are likely to be, disruptive to other people's ability to concentrate.
  • Keep conversations to a quiet level and minimum time. Those working in groups may reserve a study room in advance.
  • Designated "quiet study" areas are provided in the areas around our main shelving, and in the rear lounge area near the copy machine.
  • Library staff will actively request quieter behavior, particularly if another patron registers a complaint.
  • If staff members must ask you to quiet down more than once, they will take the following steps.
    • Second request - You must show a picture ID
    • Third request - You will be required to leave the Library for the remainder of that day
    • Refusal to comply to any of these requests will result in Campus Police being called to escort you out of the Library.
  • Repeated noisy behavior over more than one day may result in being banned from the Library for the remainder of a week or longer, or referral to the dean of students with reference to the Student Code of Conduct.

Cell Phones in the Library

All patrons are requested to silence cell phone ringers and take all cell phone calls outside of the Library.

Children in the Library

  • As per general college policy, children under the age of 12 who are not registered credit or non-credit students, who are not participating in an authorized college activity, or who are not attending a scheduled event shall not be left unattended anywhere on the college campus. Unattended children in the Library will be turned over to Campus Police for their own safety.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use Library computers. As an adult educational environment, there is no content filtering, and the Library will not be responsible for exposure to age-inappropriate material.
  • Children who are attending an official school or are home-schooled, and have proof of being at or above the ninth grade level, are welcome to use most Library resources and may obtain off-campus borrower cards. A valid driver's license, state, or school photo ID will suffice for this purpose.