Library Tutorials

The tutorials below will help you understand important concepts in doing library-based research and paper writing. Each tutorial features both a video and text version, with closed captioning available for the video. All content created by the CLIP project and made available through a Creative Commons License.

Research Guides

Short how-to pieces to get you started.

Writing Guides

Longer guides with more details. Please visit the Learning Support Center for personal assistance.

  • Getting Started with Your Research - This tutorial will help you learn to identify the different parts of an assignment sheet or syllabus related to research.
  • Exploring Your Topic - This tutorial illustrates the importance of exploration before thesis formation, provides some easy ways to explore, and points out some things about Wikipedia that many people do not know.
  • Using Sources to Research Your Topic - Books, news articles and scholarly articles can all be used to help you research your topic. However, you will find different types of information in each of these sources because each one is usually written for a different audience. Knowing the difference between these sources and how to use them effectively will make you a better researcher.
  • Keywords - In this tutorial you will learn about how keyword searching works, and some things to consider during your search process.
  • Using One Good Source to Find More - This part of the tutorial shows you how to track down a specific source. It shows you how to access the resources provided by your library so you don't end up paying for information sources you have the right to access as a registered student.