What is InnovaBio?

InnovaBio-MD is the first partner community college to replicate Salt Lake Community College's InnovaBio Program. InnovaBio-MD is an innovative partnership of corporations and educators working to support Maryland’s biotechnology industry. We offer a low risk environment for organizations wishing to develop a product or wanting to explore new ideas using our biotechnology lab, a qualified scientist and student interns. The challenging research completed by our interns creates a valuable talent pool for Maryland biotechnology companies.

The overall goal of the contract research organization, InnovaBio-MD, is to create flexible industry-based research internship opportunities available to both college and high school students. InnovaBio-MD contracts projects from regional biotechnology agencies and interns conduct the work. The research projects are performed on-campus at the Hagerstown Community College’s Technical Innovation Center and supervised by the InnovaBio-MD scientific staff. Students receive credible research experience and internship credit, as well as effective communication, problem solving and leadership skills.

The Biotechnology Program at Hagerstown Community College has recently been awarded two grants.

Program Goals

  1. Provide a challenging and exciting training environment for college and high school interns
  2. Provide optimal access to all interns to increase success in their career path
  3. Provide quality research services to contract company partners in a directed and timely fashion
  4. Contribute to economic and workforce development for the State of Maryland

What are the facilities and equipment like?

The InnovaBio-MD Program is a unique career and technical education program aimed at training college and high school students for entry-level positions in the biotechnology industry. It prepares students for immediate hands-on work in critical, high-impact industries in a way no other training program does. InnovaBio-MD was modeled off of the Salt Lake Community College InnovaBio program.

The InnovaBio-MD program is housed in HCC's Technical Innovation Center. This building is used as a business incubator for small start-up companies. There was a wet lab addition completed in 2008 specifically for biotechnology start-up companies. There are 11 labs and 1 common lab providing shared equipment. InnovaBio-MD occupies two of the labs and provides students with standard equipment for research.

Because of the location of the facility, the students are also able to gain professional interactions with the four companies that are housed in the TIC wet-lab facility. That will expand the scope of knowledge to different research projects as well as everyday operations of a functioning company. What makes the InnovaBio-MD program special is its innovative partnership with research institutions and companies. Projects for the interns in InnovaBio-MD are contracted from the outside agencies and further, the collaborative partners will contribute to the students learning by providing services such as instruction and guest lectures.