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Personal finance courses offered at HCC

The Hagerstown Community College Center for Continuing Education has two upcoming classes for students interested in learning more about personal finance and wealth building. “Invest in Your Debt” will be held on Monday, March 26, and “Spend Smart” will be held on Tuesday, March 27. Both courses will meet from 6 to 9 p.m. at the HCC Valley Mall Center and are taught by Ray Goss from Indiana, PA. Goss is a certified consultant of Premier Financial Solutions, Inc.

“Invest in Your Debt” shows students a debt elimination system and is designed for anyone who wants to live a debt-free, stress-free lifestyle leading to financial independence. The course teaches students how to pay off credit cards and car payments in one to three years, then pay off a 30-year mortgage in another three to four years - saving over $100,000 in interest payments along the way. Students are asked to bring a list of their debts with them to class along with monthly balances and payments. Students will also need a calculator. The fee for “Invest in Your Debt” is $46.
“Spend Smart” is a course that teaches students to capture more of their dollars by using a simple, unique “reverse budget” technique that plans your savings rather than tracking your spending. Spend Smart will help you find “extra money” needed to get ahead. The course covers an easy to use reverse budget and ways to save on insurance, groceries, automobile, utilities, interest and more. Students are asked to bring a calculator. There are no financial planning, investment or insurance programs offered in this course. The fee is $46.
To learn more and to register for these courses, call 301-790-2800, ext 236.