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CREAS mock trauma event held at HCC

Hagerstown Community College will conduct a Criminal Response Emergency Assessment Scenario (CREAS) training event on Saturday, April 4, beginning at 9 a.m., on HCC’s main campus.

During this mock training scenario, students from the paramedic emergency services (PES), radiography, nursing, and administration of justice programs will work together to practice the skills they have learned during their career training and college coursework in order to simulate a series of events similar to what they will encounter in the field. Assisted by the Hagerstown Police Department and Washington County Sheriff’s Office, administration of justice students will investigate a mock crime scene and will interview ‘witnesses’ that are present during a staged campus incident.

Similarly, nursing and health science students will have a mock emergency room and trauma unit set up in the Career Programs Building, in which other students will pose as victims in order to allow graduating students the opportunity to practice handling a variety of diverse medical situations. A helicopter will be brought in with a manikin patient and additional manikin patients will also be used to simulate more advanced traumas. HCC faculty will oversee all portions of the event.

CREAS is an interdisciplinary assessment activity intended for students who are nearing program completion and are ready to graduate. For more information regarding this event, call 301-790-2800, ext. 436.