HCC creates scholarship for senior learners

(September 29, 2009) - Hagerstown Community College is hoping that 85-year old student Carolyn Hill will inspire other senior citizens to pursue the dream of higher education. Named in her honor, a special scholarship now exists at HCC for Washington County residents who are 72 years of age or older and wish to pursue a first college degree.

Hill, a Hagerstown resident, recently completed the external diploma program nearly 70 years after dropping out of high school. This fall, she began taking her first college-level classes at HCC.
“I’ve been dreaming about going back to school all my life,” Hill said. “When you’re young and earning $11 a week, you think that’s all you need. Now, I’m anxious to see how much I can do. I like to stay busy and I love to learn.”
Hill has begun her college experience with a ceramics class, but hopes to take public speaking, after hearing what a good job she did with her commencement address at the adult education ceremony. She’s even inspired her 79 year-old brother to take a class at HCC.

“Ms. Hill has been such an inspiration to many that we wanted to do something to honor her hard work and enthusiasm,” said HCC President Guy Altieri. “Creating a scholarship in her name seemed an appropriate way to do that.”

The Carolyn Hill Scholarship provides up to $750 per year to cover the cost of credit course related fees, books, and materials (tuition is free for area seniors). Recipients must be residents of Washington County, 72 years of age or older, pursuing a first college degree, and have submitted a written statement of their educational intent.  For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 301-790-2800, ext. 473, or via e-mail at finaid@hagerstowncc.edu.