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HCC Holiday Greeting Card Design Contest

The official HCC holiday greeting card is for use by the president’s office, trustees, faculty and staff, to be sent to their external business colleagues. The actual size of the completed greeting will be 4.6” wide by 6.125” high, when folded, and will be printed by HCC Reprographic Services. The director of public information has the responsibility for editing the final printed message on the inside of card, as may be needed.

Each submission must be an original graphic design, photograph, or scanable artwork not larger than 8.5” by 11,” that would be appropriate as the cover design for the greeting. The chosen design will be one that is reflective of the holiday season, without regard to a specific religious tradition. It will be printed in four-color. (To request a template for the complete lay-out, contact Beth Stull at 301-790-2800, ext. 265, or

The contest is open to currently enrolled (fall 2009) HCC credit and non-credit students, with a limit of two submissions per person.

First and second place winners will be selected.  The first place winner will receive a check for $100 issued by the president’s office and their entry will also become the official HCC Holiday card for 2009.  The second place winner will receive a check for $50.  Both winners will be asked to present their designs at the November 13 board of trustees meeting.

Submissions must be sent to Beth Stull in the Office of Public Information at HCC by 4 p.m. on Friday, October 30. Each entry must include the name of the artist or photographer, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Entries will be judged by a team of HCC faculty and administrators. The winners will be notified by November 4, when production on the greeting will begin.