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Construction update for the fall semester

New STEM Building under construction

With the start of the fall semester, there is a lot of construction going on around campus. The STEM Building and Kepler Theater projects are well underway and heading towards completion for the spring 2012 semester. The newly improved campus Quad area will be completed by mid-September. 

HCC has tried to minimize the impact of construction by providing the easiest and safest routes around the construction sites. Faculty, staff and student parking will remain unchanged in the front parking lots of campus. The parking in the back lots of campus will remain unchanged for the most part. Lots K1, K2, K3, L1, L2, L3, and Lot O will be for students, faculty and staff. Parking Lot N and the stone gravel lot behind the TIC Building will be reserved for construction parking for the STEM, Kepler, and Quad projects.

Pedestrian walkways are mapped out in the campus maps below. The primary route for all pedestrians coming to campus from the back lots will  be to follow the sidewalks around Scholar Drive towards to the ARCC, cross at the crosswalk, take the stairs behind the Classroom Building, and follow the sidewalk around  the side of the Classroom Building.

The secondary route is to follow the stone path up the hill in the corner of Parking Lot K3, walk along the construction fence to Kepler Drive, cross at the crosswalk, and follow the stone path up towards the Student Center and Science Building (see Secondary Pedestrian Walkway map below).

Kepler Drive will remain closed to all traffic except for those that have obtained a special handicapped parking pass from  Campus Security and Deliveries. These parking spaces will be for the Handicapped Parking Spaces directly in front of the Science Building.

Questions or inquiries can be directed to Gerard Rath, construction project manager, at Additional construction information can be found on the Facilities Management and Planning page.