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SGA seeks new vice president

2011-2012 SGA

HCC's Student Government Association is currently seeking a new vice president. The Vice president will serve as co-chair of the SGA Program Board, serve as back-up for the SGA president, and fulfill other duties as needed. Deadline to apply is Sept. 20.

Duties of the Vice President

HCC’s SGA vice-president will fill in for the president when needed. The VP’s main duty will be to pull the officers, senators and club members together to plan and implement activities that appeal to the wide range of students on campus.

Other duties include:

  • Acting as co-chair for the SGA Program Board
  • Filling in for the SGA president if needed
  • Attending the monthly SGA executive meetings, held the first Thursday of every month at 3 p.m., and SGA club meetings, held the third Thursday of every month at 3 p.m., be prepared to give a report about events held the past month and upcoming events
  • Representing the SGA at SGA-sponsored events
  • Serving as chair of the SGA Nominations and Elections Committee
  • As a paid position, the SGA vice-president works 8.5 hours/week in the SGA office, and will also be paid for working at the SGA-sponsored events.

To apply, print the application form at the bottom of the page and return the completed form to the Student Activities Office (in the Student Center) by Tues., Sept. 20.

About the Student Government Association (SGA)


  • To represent to the College Administration the interests of the students attending
  • Hagerstown Community College
  • To maintain a positive system of communication and understanding between all members of the College community
  • To ensure all rights granted to student involvement in all phases of college life
  • To uphold all rules, regulations, and privileges set forth by Hagerstown Community College
  • To promote the development of leadership skills for all students
  • To fund activities for the student population such as social, public, and cultural events, leadership training, publications, clubs and organizations, athletics, and other such services needed by students
  • To actively participate in the Hagerstown Community College Shared Governance system and abide by the Hagerstown Community College Code of Trust.

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