HCC graduates find employment in mechanical engineering field


(Release: October 5, 2011) - Three graduates from the Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) Program at Hagerstown Community College recently found full-time employment at local engineering companies.

Jeremiah Keller, of Wolfsville, Md.; Jeff Pine, of Clear Spring; and Kellina Shives, of McConnellsburg, Pa., graduated from HCC in May 2011. During their time at HCC, all three students completed internships with local engineering firms, which, in addition to their coursework, helped to provide them the necessary skills and on-site job training needed for future employment.

“Internships are a fantastic way for students to practice the skills they’ve learned in the classroom in a real world setting,” says Bonnie Saunders, coordinator, internship and job services at HCC. “The internship provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and further develop an understanding of their new profession.”
On his internship, Keller, 25, worked with Hess Construction and Engineering Services, Inc., which is currently on-site at HCC to build the college’s new Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Building. After graduation, Keller took a job at Volvo Powertrain, where he works as a manufacturing engineer, using Autodesk Inventor to draw three-dimensional parts for the company.

Pine, 46, also worked with Hess Construction and Engineering Services, Inc. on his internship. After graduating in May, Pine took a job at Rampf Molds, a company that creates dry cast concrete production molds, where he runs the CNC (computer numerical control) machine, which places the design on the stone. According to Pine, he worked in the masonry field for 17 years before coming back to school in 2005 to earn his certificate in computer-aided design (CAD) from HCC. After he earned his certificate, he worked as a civil engineer for four years before returning to HCC to pursue his A.A.S. degree in mechanical engineering technology.

Shives, 22, interned at DL Martin, a company that creates machining, manufacturing, and mining equipment for contractors and businesses. After her internship, Shives was hired on full-time and currently works at DL Martin as a mechanical engineer. In the near future, she plans to transfer to Penn State Harrisburg to pursue a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology.

“Dedication and hard work are what got these students to where they are today,” says Stephanie Rittler, instructor, mechanical engineering technology at HCC.  “They all graduated and were hired by great companies at a time when new jobs can be difficult to find. The diversity of the fields in which they were hired demonstrates the broad education that students receive in the MET program at HCC.”

To learn more about HCC’s mechanical engineering technology program, go to www.hagerstowncc.edu/academics/divisions/technology-computer/met.