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New STEM Building now open

New STEM Building


Many changes have occurred on the HCC campus since the end of the fall semester. The new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Building is now open and is home to all the science programs formerly housed in the Science Building, as well as to the alternative energy technology, information systems technology, engineering, and mathematics programs.

Please note that while the building itself is open for classes, there is still work being conducted on the building and the surrounding area, including the exterior staircase that runs parallel to the building. At this time, the exterior staircase is NOT open to the public.

Science Learning Center

The Science Learning Center is now located in STEM-408.

Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center is now located in STEM-103.

Faculty and Staff Offices

The offices of several faculty and staff members have been relocated to the STEM Building. The following faculty and staff are housed in the STEM Building:

  • Elaine Ashby: STEM-427
  • Theresa Bidle: STEM-416
  • Ann Clark: STEM-415
  • Thomas Clemens: STEM-517
  • Thomas Crawford: STEM-524
  • Cynthia Dove: STEM-419
  • Robert Fergesen: STEM-516
  • Paul Jozik: STEM-428
  • David Karstaedt: STEM-421
  • Paula Kessler: STEM-525
  • Christopher Lewis: STEM-520
  • Alicia Manfre: STEM-423
  • Clayton Marquiss: STEM-408
  • Joseph Mason: STEM-522
  • Melinda May: STEM-418
  • Bernard Murphy: STEM-417
  • Mylynh Nguyen: STEM-422
  • Rosemary Nickerson: STEM-426
  • Judith Peisen: STEM-526
  • Stephanie Rittler: STEM-429
  • Steve Shank: STEM-528
  • Jack Smith: STEM-202
  • Veronica Stein: STEM-519
  • Joshua Stover: STEM-424
  • Robin Thomas: STEM-529
  • Nancy Thorpe: STEM-420
  • Anthony Valente: STEM-515

View the STEM floor plan.


Additional Information

 About the new STEM Building

  • Five-story, 65,000 square-foot structure built between the Classroom Building and the original Science Building
  • Features green roof components, as well as solar, wind, and geothermal energy components
  • Houses all the science programs, as well as the alternative energy technology, information systems technology, mechanical engineering, and mathematics programs
  • The original Science Building will be renovated and renamed the Learning Center. Once renovated, the Learning Center will be home to all developmental programs and tutoring services