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Building Access and Parking Information

Waltersdorf Quad

Access to various parts of campus has changed due to the opening of the new STEM Building and the renovated Kepler Building. The former Science Building and the Classroom Building are now closed for renovation as well.

Access to main campus from lower parking lots

There are three options to access the main campus and the Campus Quad from the student parking lots on the west side of campus (lots K1, K3, L1-L3, N, and O).

STEM Building

  • Use the interior staircase or elevator inside the STEM Building. Students should take the stairs or the elevator to the third floor. From the third floor, turn right for outside access
  • Please note that the exterior staircase that runs parallel to the STEM Building is still under construction. Use the interior stairs only.

Near the Kepler Building

  • Take the staircase in the corner of the K3 parking lot to the gravel pathway. The pathway will take you along Kepler Driver, around the back of the Kepler Building, and you will come out near the Student Center.
  • Learn about Kepler Building access here.

Classroom Building Staircase CLOSED

The exterior staircase near the Classroom Building is now CLOSED. The staircase will remain closed until renovation of the Classroom Building is complete. Use the interior staircase in the STEM Building.


Bookstore Access

Parking is no longer available next to the Bookstore. To access the Bookstore, students will either need to park in the lower lots (K1, K3, L1-L3, N, and O) or park in the upper lots (D, EL, and EU) and walk to the Student Center.


Handicapped Parking

For available handicapped parking, view the campus map.

Bookstore Access
Handicapped students needing to access the Bookstore, Hilltop Grill, or the Student Center will need to enter through the lower level of the LRC, take the elevator to the second floor, and exit through the ramp on the other side of the building. The ramp will lead directly to the Student Center.


Student Parking

  • Student parking is available in the following lots: D, EL, EU, K1, K3, L1-L3, N, and O. View the campus map


Closed for Renovation

  • The former Science Building is now closed for renovation. All science programs have been relocated to the new STEM Building. Find out more about the new STEM Building here.
  • The Classroom Building is now closed for renovation. Please remain outside the safety fence at all times.


Need help finding a building or parking lot? View the campus map.