Kepler Building Now Open


The renovated Kepler Building is now open. All classes previously scheduled for Kepler will be held in their originally scheduled locations. Classes will no longer meet in the Classroom Building.

The Kepler renovation included the addition of the Performing and Visual Arts Education Center, which features a dance studio, blackbox theater, campus gallery, classrooms, practice rooms, art rooms, and faculty offices. The theater renovation includes expanded dressing rooms, a costume shop, and extended wardrobe storage.

View the Kepler floor plans.

Kepler Access

  • The Kepler Building can only be accessed from the front of the building (i.e. the side closest to the K3 parking lot). The rear entrance of the building is closed and will remain closed until renovation of the former Science Building has been completed.
  • To access Kepler from the west side of campus, take the staircase in the corner of the K3 parking lot to the gravel pathway. Follow that pathway to the front of Kepler.
  • To access Kepler from the east side of campus, follow the pathway next to the Student Center. The pathway will take you along Kepler Driver, around the back of the Kepler Building, and you will come out near the front of Kepler.

Kepler Parking

  • Students can park in lots K1, K3, or any of the L, N, or O lots. K3 is the closest student parking lot to Kepler. View the campus map.

Kepler Drive Access

  • Kepler Drive (the road leading directly to the Kepler Building) will be closed to students, faculty, and staff for the entire spring 2012 semester. Only construction vehicles and deliveries are allowed on Kepler Drive.

Faculty and Staff Offices

The offices of several faculty and staff members have been relocated to the renovated Kepler Building. The following faculty and staff are housed in Kepler:

  • Rita Arch: KEP-109
  • Joan Bontempo: KEP-114
  • Ben Buhrman: KEP-107
  • Jason Buhrman: KEP-107
  • Alyssa Foley: KEP-110
  • Michael Harsh: KEP-116
  • Joan Johnson: KEP-113
  • Joseph Marschner: KEP-115
  • Amanda Miller: KEP-111
  • Robin Shaner: KEP-128
  • Danny Webber: KEP-112

Additional Information

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