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Free showing of Waste Land on April 20

Waste Land Poster

Faculty in the art department at Hagerstown Community College are partnering with students in the HCC Science Club to show the documentary, “Waste Land,” on Fri., April 20, at 7 p.m., in the Kepler Theater.

According to the film website, “Waste Land” follows renowned artist Vik Muniz as he journeys from his home base in Brooklyn to his native Brazil and the world's largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho, located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, where he photographs an eclectic band of “catadores”—self-designated pickers of recyclable materials.

“This movie is critical to issues that go beyond art, ecology, and recycling: it addresses wealth and poverty, cultural strata social definitions, and the enduring human spirit,” says Joan Bontempo, art department coordinator. “It will have a lasting effect, not only on our art students, but anyone interested in the arts, the ecology movement, and the idea of cultural boundaries and the global village. Seeing this film is one of those ‘do not miss’ opportunities.”

This event is free and is open to the public. To learn more about “Waste Land,” go to