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Busy summer for HCC volunteers

HCC volunteer works with children in the HCC College for Kids program

To some, HCC may seem quiet during the summer months, however, this is not the case for HCC volunteers who remain busy as ever on the HCC campus.

College for Kids (CFK) students and instructors receive a big hand from more than 30 high school students and adults who help with instruction, assist with recess, go on field trips, join students for lunch, and help transport children to their classes.  HCC volunteer Laura Schilling (right) traveled from her home in Germany to volunteer with CFK. Some of the volunteers aspire to be teachers, while others enjoy simply working with children. It all makes for a summer of fun and learning.

In addition to CFK, each week about a dozen volunteers continue to donate their time to various offices on the HCC campus. Preparing GED and English as a Second Language (ESL) orientation sessions keeps volunteer Keith Deau busy on Fridays, while volunteer Fran Nicholls can be found working in the Valley Eatery office on Thursdays. Nicholls helps Sandy Harrison, HCC’s manager of food services, with office work and also researches products that can be used in the eatery. Bob Bastian, HCC’s most senior volunteer, faithfully reports to the athletic director’s office each Wednesday to lend  a hand at the reception desk and clip HCC athletic articles from local newspapers. Volunteers also help run the Alumni Association concession stand in the summer as dozens of bands come to perform as part of the Red, White and Blue Summer Concert Series.

This summer, the HCC Volunteers Corps was pleased to welcome a new volunteer who offered two weeks of his time to the HCC campus while young members of his family attended College for Kids.  Mike Gerhold spread himself around campus like the proverbial angel of kindness. During his two weeks at the college, Gerhold helped in the HCC Bookstore where he unpacked dozens of boxes of books for the fall 2012 semester. He also filled in as a volunteer “patient” in the radiography positioning labs and spent an entire day helping with the relocation of theater costumes from the Alumni Amphitheater to their new home in the Kepler Center, and even helped out in the HCC Fitness Center. Gerhold ended his two weeks at HCC by helping to construct sets for upcoming Robinwood Players performances in the Kepler Center.

Volunteer opportunities are forever expanding at HCC.  Opportunities include:

  • Helping with theater costumes (cutting, sewing, pressing, sorting)
  • Serving as an usher for theater performances (Robinwood Players and Kinder Konzerts)
  • Tutoring students
  • Volunteering as “patients” in HCC’s ever expanding offerings of medical programs
  • Providing office help in various areas on campus
  • Helping maintain the many beautiful gardens at HCC

To learn more about how you can become an HCC volunteer, contact Irene Young at 240-500-2217 or email