Great Teaching Kiosk Debuts in BSH


(Release: January 1, 2013) - With the opening of the newly renovated Behavioral Sciences and Humanities (BSH) Building, HCC debuted its new “Great Teaching” kiosk.

“My vision for the ‘Great Teaching’ audio-visual components in the Fletcher Center was based on my community college teaching and academic administrative work over the last four decades,” said HCC President Guy Altieri. “Early in my career when I won a community college teacher of the year award, I clearly knew the award was not just for me, but for all the terrific teachers who mentored me.  I learned, as many others have, that by observing exquisite examples of superb teaching and talking with the professors about their rationale for shaping effective class plans for every course they taught was the best way to become effective as a teacher.”

With the help of Peggy Hutson and her great staff in Learning Technologies, the Great Teaching Series is off to a wonderful start. We videotaped five professors during  fall 2012. The series included Mike Harsh (HUM), Paul Jozik (PHY), Ardyce Kettering (ENG), Stacey McGee (ECO & MGT), and Tony Valente (Alternative Energy). These videos are playing in the front entrance way of the BSH Building. Please stop by and see them. We will be adding five more videos from the spring 2013 semester. Stay tuned.