Fourteen new hires join HCC faculty


(Release: January 4, 2013) - In fall 2012 and spring 2013, HCC welcomed 14 new, full-time faculty members to its staff. New faculty joined six different divisions including Behavioral & Social Sciences/Business; English & Humanities; Health Sciences; Math & Science; Nursing; Physical Education & Leisure Studies; and Technology & Computer Studies.

Behavioral & Social Sciences/Business Division

  • Dr. Timothy Jenness
    Instructor, United States & World History
  • David Karn
    Assistant Professor, Accounting
  • Dr. Lore Kuehnert
    Instructor, World History & United States History
  • James Pierne
    Instructor, Business Management
  • Dr. Eric Schwartz
    Instructor, Political Science & International Relations
  • Erick Williams
    Instructor, Psychology

English & Humanities Division

  • Kathryn Benchoff
    Instructor, English Composition
  • Alicia Drumgoole
    Instructor, English
  • Alyssa Foley Little
    Instructor, Dance

Health Sciences Division

  • Beverly Witmer
    Instructor and Program Coordinator, Emergency Medical Services

Math & Science Division

  • Rebecca Beecroft
    Instructor, Life Sciences/Biotechnology

Nursing Division

  • Malissa Hudson
    Instructor, Nursing

Physical Education & Leisure Studies Division

  • Vicky Bullet
    Instructor, Physical Education

Technology & Computer Studies Division

  • Robert Foth
    Instructor, Information Assurance