Inclement Weather Procedures


(Release: January 24, 2013) - In the event of inclement weather, HCC has an established list of procedures that it follows. On inclement weather days, a decision is typically made by 6 a.m.

If HCC closes, has a delay, or other inclement weather announcement, the following occurs:

  1. A message is sent on e2campus, HCC's emergency alert notification system. Students and staff who've signed up for e2 campus receive a text message sent directly to their cell phones.

    To sign up for e2campus, go to

  2. Local radio stations and WHAG-TV are notified so that they can add HCC to the list of delays/closings/early dismissals.
  3. An announcement is put on the home page of the HCC website. The message will remain up for the entire day to ensure that all classes (day and evening) see the message.
  4. A message is sent out through HCC's official social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.


**If HCC is open and on-time, no announcement is made.**


A Note for Students: All faculty and staff understand that on challenging weather days, students are not to be penalized if they are unable to make it to class or are late to arrive. In such cases, students need to contact their instructors in advance (via email or by phone) to let their instructors know that they will be unable to attend class that day.

The best way to find out if the college is closed or delayed is to sign up for e2campus or check the HCC website. If the HCC website is unchanged, that means the college is open and classes will run as scheduled.

For a full list of HCC's campus closing procedures, visit