NASA offering 'Launching 2 Learn' program for STEM students

Are you interested in rocketry? HCC is a part of the NASA Maryland Space Grant Consortium.

NASA is offering Launching 2 Learn this summer at the Kennedy Space Center. This opportunity is available for rising college freshmen and sophomores majoring in a STEM degree. There are 15 slots available for students to learn how to build and launch level 1 and level 2 high powered rockets, and learn all the math and science involved. Students will be given the opportunity to earn their National Association of Rocketry Level 1 certificate. For the level 2 launch, student teams will perform hand calculations and simulations, then compare these estimations with the results from the level 2 flight.

Students will be paid a stipend of $2400 to participate in this program. Some travel funds are available for students that live more than 50 miles from KSC. The program will be held at KSC from July 11 – Aug 5. Students must be U.S. Citizens to participate. Applications are due June 20, 2016.

For more information and to apply, visit