Pinning ceremony honors HCC health sciences graduates

(May 15, 2019)— The 2019 graduates of the Health Sciences Division at Hagerstown Community College were honored at a pinning ceremony on May 11. Dental assisting, dental hygiene, medical assisting, paramedic, pharmacy technician, and radiography were among the program areas included in this year’s ceremony.

The dental assisting students include Casey Renee Baith, of Falling Waters, W.Va.; Briana M. Berry, of Hagerstown; Megan E. Budnicki, of Williamsport; Kayla J. Buhrman, of Cascade; Amy A. Chaisson, of Ijamsville; Courtney L. Cook, of Hagerstown; Kelsey L. DeHart, of Hagerstown; Jillian R. Feldman, of Waynesboro, Pa.; Amanda R. Grubbs, of Waynesboro, Pa.; Avis M. Kerns, of Waynesboro, Pa.; Kayla M. Kolich, of Big Pool; Kelly M. Morieko, of Chambersburg, Pa.; Natalie A. Parsons, of Greencastle, Pa.; Katherine Nathalie Perez, of Frederick; Ashley N. Rodriguez, of Hagerstown; Brenna Jordan Rubenstein, of Martinsburg, W.Va.; Arin Taree Smith, of Charles Town, W.Va.; Elizabeth A. Steele, of New Enterprise, Pa.; Taylor L. Trenary, of Martinsburg, W.Va.; Elizabeth D. Turner, of Hagerstown; Kaylie Madison Whittington, of Hagerstown; Kayla Monique Williams, of Martinsburg, W.Va.; and Kirsten Madison Rose Withrow, of Falling Waters, W.Va.

The dental hygiene students include Maria E. Aceves, of Hagerstown; Brittany Marie Barton, of Hagerstown; Hailu Bekele Belihu, of Martinsburg, W.Va.; Amy Lynn Bryant, of Fayetteville, Pa.; Brett A. Gabriel, of Purcellville; Klohe A. Harrington, of Hagerstown; Kylie B. Jenkins, of Hagerstown; Caitlyn A. Kinzer, of Williamsport; Paul C. Lee, of Germantown; Stephanie Leane Munday, of Hagerstown; Mary Frances Ngo, of Ijamsville; Elizabeth Randolph Oliveira, of Walkersville; Karla Robin Schreck, of Frederick; Lindsay E. Snow, of Walkersville; Alex Denzel Snyder, of Hagerstown; Maria Julia Turner, of Williamsport; Brittney Ruth Weise, of Westminster; and Heather N. White, of Hagerstown.

The medical assisting students include Bambi Lynn Breeden-Baker, of Hagerstown; Ashley Janelle Giffin, of Hagerstown; Lisa E. Hadley, of Brunswick; Lauren Taylor Hensell, of Martinsburg, W.Va.; Holly L. Lewis, of Hagerstown; Rachel A. Lingg, of Fairfield, Pa.; Elizabeth A. McIntyre, of Falling Waters, W.Va.; Holly Michelle McKinney, of Great Cacapon, W.Va.; Traci Lynn Miller, of Boonsboro; Renalyn Montes, of Honolulu; Krista L. Polk, of Waynesboro, Pa.; and Maria L. Rivas, of Maugansville.

The paramedic students include Taylor M. Berger, of Mt. Airy; Lacey Sienna Cochran, of Hagerstown; Matthew T. Demarais, of Thurmont; Thomas M. George, of Dickerson; Jennifer Lynn-Hewett Hineman, of Sharpsburg; Andrew T. Hopkins, of Hagerstown; Donald M. Lehman, of Williamsport; Andrew James Oyster, of Hagerstown; Sheridan Brooke Reginato, of Hagerstown; Skylar B. Rice, of Hagerstown; and Luke R. Shoemaker Hooper, of Frederick.

The pharmacy technician students include Sarah Abelow, of Shepherdstown, W.Va.; Leyla Aliyeva, of Hagerstown; Melinda L. Schmidl, of Smithsburg; Ansleigh T. Tennant, of Hagerstown; and Sarah M. Teter, of Cumberland.

The radiography students include Karlie A. Anderson, of Hagerstown; Kelle Jo Blubaugh, of Waynesboro, Pa.; Cynthia Edna-Marie Boyer, of Greencastle, Pa.; Dawn Michelle Burger, of Waynesboro, Pa.; Jonathan B. Caballero, of Hagerstown; Sara J. Cave, of Greencastle, Pa.; Samantha Taylor Cline, of Hagerstown; Jessica Renee Cooper, of Charles Town, W.Va.; Erica C. Daugherty, of Boonsboro; Tiffany Donegan, of Williamsport; Alexandra Lydia Donoghue, of New Market; Kristen N. Fischer, of Greencastle, Pa.; Janay Hamilton, of Shippensburg, Pa.; Clayton P. Haworth, of Martinsburg, W.Va.; Kendra Leann Hoke, of Shippensburg, Pa.; Sean W. Houck, of Hagerstown; Isis Jene Kay, of Frederick; Maryam M. Khan, of Williamsport; Joseph Eugene Koons, of Greencastle, Pa.; Sydniy E. Mabey, of Hancock; Timothy J. McDonald, of Hagerstown; Royce P. McGwin, of Hagerstown; Emily D. Mellott, of Hagerstown; Joshua J. Murray, of Hagerstown; Darcie E. Nicoll, of Hagerstown; Emily Kathleen Pfister, of Keymar; Jay-Anthony R. Ricafort, of Hagerstown; Kimberly N. Roby, of Boonsboro; Abigail Llyn Simonds, of Greencastle, Pa.; Tammy Lynn Sites, of Fairfield, Pa.; and Elise N. Sweeney, of Frederick.

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