TRiO: SSS accepting new student applicants

(Release: May 1, 2014) - If you are a student at Hagerstown Community College and have a low income, are a first-generation college student, or have a disability, the staff of TRiO: Student Support Services (SSS) can help you succeed.

As a federally funded grant program, TRiO: SSS provides extra support to a select group of students to help them achieve their personal, educational, and financial goals. TRiO: SSS is now accepting applications for new participants.

Participants in TRiO: SSS vary greatly according to age, ethnicity, academic talent, major, and every characteristic in between. The one thing all participants share other than eligibility criteria is a drive to complete college successfully and be well-prepared for the future.

TRiO: SSS offers assistance with academic course selection and transfer, assistance with FAFSA and financial advising, visits to four-year colleges and universities, one-on-one and small group tutoring, cultural and educational field trips/events, access to the TRiO: SSS study center with laptops and reference materials, and grant aid to a limited number of eligible participants.

To learn more about TRiO: SSS, call 240-500-2659, or stop by the TRiO: SSS office in the Student Center, room 131B. Applications can be completed online at