Presidential Search

President Search

The Hagerstown Community College Board of Trustees and the Presidential Search Screening Committee are conducting a national search for HCC's fourth president in its 71-year history. This follows the announcement that President Guy Altieri will retire, effective Dec. 31, 2017.

HCC was founded in 1946 as Maryland’s first community college. It is a two-year public community college offering both transfer and career-oriented programs, as well as continuing education classes. More than 100 programs of study are now offered. Each year, approximately 6,000 students take classes for college credit and 7,000 students take non-credit classes.

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  • Carolyn Brooks, Committee Chair
    • Trustee, HCC Board of Trustees
  • Theresa Bidle
    • HCC Professor of Biology
  • Paul Frey
    • CEO/President, Washington County Chamber of Commerce
  • Jack Latimer
    • President, HCC Foundation
  • Daniel (DJ) Madron, Ph.D.
    • HCC Associate Professor of Sociology
    • Faculty Assembly Chair
  • Boyd Michael, Ed.D.
    • Superintendent, Washington County Public Schools
  • Rosalynn Oberholzer
    • HCC Human Resources Recruitment Specialist
  • Christine Ohl-Gigliotti, Ph.D.
    • HCC Dean of Student Affairs
  • Theresa Shank
    • HCC Dean of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
  • Robert Slocum
    • Washington County Administrator
  • Greg Snook
    • Trustee, HCC Board of Trustees
  • John Williamson
    • Vice-Chair, HCC Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Hagerstown Community College (HCC) invites nominations and applications for the position of President. HCC has a history of innovation and growth. HCC’s next president will serve as the fourth president in the College’s 71-year history. HCC’s next president will value the College’s strong and rich history and work collaboratively with all constituents, internally and externally, and respect HCC’s critical role in providing high-quality academic, technical, and workforce development opportunities throughout all of Washington County and the region.

About Hagerstown Community College

  • Hagerstown Community College was founded in 1946 as Maryland’s first community college. The 319-acre picturesque campus in western Maryland encompasses 18 state-of-the-art buildings including the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Building; nursing and allied health facilities; conference facilities; Kepler Performing and Visual Arts Education Center; Athletic, Recreation and Community Center (ARCC); the Learning Support Center; a full-service business incubator with wet lab facilities; and an outdoor amphitheater.
  • Hagerstown Community College is a well-respected and thriving comprehensive community college with approximately 6,000 credit and 7,000 non-credit students each year. HCC offers associate degrees, certificates, and letters of recognition in more than 100 programs, ranging from biotechnology to commercial truck driving. HCC students consistently score above the national average on licensing and certification exams.
  • Hagerstown Community College employs 84 full-time faculty and more than 300 adjunct faculty.
  • Hagerstown Community College has received numerous statewide and national recognitions. Most recently, HCC received the 2017 entrepreneurial college of the year award from the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship.
  • Hagerstown Community College leads the state in the percentage of high school students enrolled at a Maryland community college. Nearly 900 high school students take classes each year through the early college program (ESSENCE Program) and the STEMM Technical Middle College.
  • Hagerstown Community College recently started the Promise Pathway Program, a special initiative designed to address the financial barriers of local students who have the academic readiness to succeed in college, but lack the financial resources to do so. With funding from the HCC Foundation, the first 20 students were able to begin in the fall of 2017.

The President of HCC will be an exceptional communicator and unifier, serve as a visible spokesperson throughout Washington County and the region, and address the following:


  • Provide strategic and visionary leadership.
  • Collaborate and further develop relationships with Washington County Public Schools and other regional K-12 leaders to increase opportunities for all students throughout the service area.
  • Collaborate with government and industry leaders, and other community stakeholders, on workforce development issues. Expand customized training programs and workforce development certificates to enhance regional economic growth.
  • Develop entrepreneurial partnerships to expand HCC’s business incubator and business programs.
  • Serve as the lead ambassador to champion HCC.
  • Be a community-minded leader with a long-standing and demonstrated commitment to public service.
  • Identify new funding resources.
  • Increase online educational opportunities to students, while maintaining academic integrity.
  • Work with the campus community to continue improving HCC’s operational effectiveness.
  • Work with statewide community college leaders to advocate for capital and operational resources.
  • Enhance partnerships with the region’s colleges and universities.
  • Continue HCC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Ideal Characteristics

HCC seeks a visionary, impactful, and approachable leader who will make a long-term commitment to the College and community and is/has:

  • A leader who cultivates relationships with all constituents.
  • A communicator who values and acknowledges contributions by faculty, staff, and administrators; recognizes achievements; cultivates a sense of community; and delegates effectively.
  • An experienced senior-level administrator who understands the unique community college student population.
  • A leader who values academic integrity, rigor, and academic freedom.
  • A successful fundraiser who has experience working with foundations, alumni, and other funding sources.
  • Experience building relationships with elected officials at the local, state, and federal level.
  • Experience working with large and complex budgets.
  • Demonstrated success in strategic planning and accreditation processes.
  • A broad understanding regarding college safety issues.
  • A collaborative leader and unifier who will skillfully and thoughtfully engage with all constituents throughout the College and entire community.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Earned doctorate from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Senior-level higher education administrative experience.
  • Higher education teaching experience.
  • Experience engaging with the private sector.

December 5, 2017

Open forums: The entire HCC community is invited and encouraged to attend open forums. Feedback received at the forums is collected and assists with the development of the draft Presidential Profile.

December 6, 2017

Presidential Search Screening Committee Meeting #1 – orientation and training; review and provide feedback on the draft Presidential Profile.

Board meets to review, revise, and approve the Presidential Profile.

December 7 - 8, 2017

Approved Presidential Profile is posted on the HCC’s website and ACCT’s dedicated searches website,

Dec. – Early-January 2018

Recruitment: Statewide, regional, and national.

January 17, 2018

Target Date for Applications

Late-January 2018

Presidential Search Screening Committee Meeting #2: Committee selects semifinalists for confidential interviews.

Early-March, 2018

Presidential Search Screening Committee Meeting #3: Committee participates in confidential interviews with semifinalists; Committee deliberates and recommend 3-5 finalists to the Board of Trustees for further consideration.

Week of March 19, 2018

Final candidates visit the Hagerstown Community College and participate in open forums. Board interviews final candidates.

Early-April, 2018

Board selects and announces the fourth president of Hagerstown Community College.

Timeline subject to change.

To ensure full consideration, application materials should be received no later than January 17, 2018. The position will remain open until filled. This is a confidential search process.

Candidates will need to have the following information or materials available to complete the application:

  1. A completed Candidate Summary sheet that can be found on the left-hand side of the ACCT Searches web page.
  2. A letter of application that succinctly addresses the opportunities and challenges identified in the Position Profile and demonstrates how the candidate’s experience and professional qualifications prepare them to serve the needs of Hagerstown Community College (not to exceed 5 pages).
  3. A current resume including an email address and cellular telephone number.
    • NOTE: Candidates must combine their candidate summary sheet, cover letter, and resume into a single pdf file.
  4. Candidates will follow the prompts they are given while completing the application form. Candidates must input eight references: three supervisors, two direct reports and three faculty members from current or former institutions.

Go to to apply and to upload documents.

For additional information, nominations or confidential inquiries please contact:

  • Narcisa Polonio, Ed.D., Executive Vice President of Education, Research and Board Leadership Services, or 202-276-1983 (mobile)
  • Julie Golder, J.D., Board Services Coordinator,, 202-775-4466 (office) or 202- 384-5816 (mobile)

HCC releases Presidential Profile

(December 7, 2017) – Following the presidential search open forums that were held on December 5, with approximately 100 people in attendance, HCC’s Presidential Search Screening Committee met to develop the Presidential Profile.
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HCC to hold open forums to start presidential search process

(November 28, 2017) – As officials at Hagerstown Community College begin the search process for the next college president, three one-hour open forums will be held on Tuesday, December 5, at 10 a.m., 1 p.m, and 5 p.m., in room 213 in the Career Programs Building.
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HCC names Warner as interim president

(November 21, 2017) – The Hagerstown Community College Board of Trustees today approved the appointment of David Warner, HCC vice president of academic affairs and student services, to serve as the interim president when current President Guy Altieri retires on December 31. Warner will serve in that role until a replacement is named, later in 2018.
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Seventy-one years ago, Hagerstown Junior College started as the first of its kind in Maryland. Classes began on September 18, 1946, in the evenings, at Hagerstown High School, and most of the students attended on the G.I. Bill. In 1948, the first graduation ceremony was held and 25 students received degrees. Since then, more than 150,000 students have taken advantage of HCC’s value in getting a quality education at an affordable cost.

From its humble beginnings in 1946, and despite early community sentiment that was not overly supportive of higher education, the college grew and flourished. In 1956, HJC, which was then a part of the Board of Education, got its own location in what was affectionately called the “Cracker Box” on the campus of South Hagerstown High School. As enrollment continued to increase, plans were made to find a suitable location to accommodate the growth, and in 1965, ground was broken on land that is now home to the thriving campus on Robinwood Drive. The first classes were held at the new location in September of 1966, with 782 students.

Since that time, the college has continued to grow, in the number of students, faculty and staff, and programs offered. Guy Altieri has served as the third president of the college, following in the steps of Norman Shea, who served from 1986 to 2002, and Atlee Kepler, who was appointed dean of the college in 1953 and president in 1961.

In 1998, the name was changed from Hagerstown Junior College to Hagerstown Community College to more accurately reflect the mission it serves. The current campus has grown to 319 acres with 18 buildings. More than 100 programs of study are now offered. Each year, more than 6,000 students take classes for college credit and more than 7,000 students take continuing education classes.

The college is served by a seven-member board, appointed by the governor, which provides direction and oversight for the development of college policy. The college annual operating budget ($34 million in FY18) is comprised of approximately 28 percent county support, 26 percent state support, and 45 percent from student tuition. HCC has been awarded more than $12.9 million in competitive grants in the last five years, of which over $7 million has supported STEMM programs. Significant grants have come from the U.S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Labor. The HCC Foundation has more than $12 million in assets and provides approximately $500,000 in scholarship dollars each year.

HCC leads the state in the number of high school students enrolled at a Maryland community college. Nearly 900 high school students take classes each year through the ESSENCE Program and the STEMM Technical Middle College.

The growth of STEM programs has given HCC a strong reputation for quality instruction in emerging hi-tech fields such as biotechnology, alternative energy technology, advanced manufacturing, and cybersecurity, which is supported by a National Science Foundation grant and a partnership with the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute.

HCC recently started the Promise Pathway Program, a special initiative designed to address the financial barriers of local students who have the academic readiness to succeed in college, but lack the financial resources to do so. The ultimate goal of the program is to increase the number of people in the county who have some post-secondary education.

With the continued growth of its academic programs, campus development, business and entrepreneurial efforts, and commitment to helping make college accessible to all, Hagerstown Community College stands poised and ready to serve the next generation of learners and continue to be a leader in the economic development of the region.