Official Social Media Accounts

The Public Information and Government Relations (PIGR) Office is responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of official college accounts on several social media sites as a way to provide announcements and information about upcoming events and activities as well as to provide a forum for open discussion among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community. As the administrative gatekeeper of social media, the PIGR Office is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and enforcing HCC’s social media policy and guidelines as necessary. Learn more about HCC's social media policy and guidelines.

Official HCC Facebook Groups & Pages

Reminder: HCC's social media pages are maintained by the Office of Public Information. If you are an existing HCC student organization or department, you must first obtain permission from the Office of Public Information before creating a Facebook page or Twitter account. Email for more information.

Facebook Groups

Official Facebook Pages

Official HCC Twitter Channels

Other Official HCC Channels

  • Instagram
    Administrators: Brittany Lyle
  • YouTube
    Administrator: Sara Moore
  • Flickr
    Administrator: Sara Moore
  • LinkedIn 
    Administrators: Beth Kirkpatrick and Janice Riley