Funding & Club Finances

Procedures for Purchasing Items

The following are two different ways to make purchases for your student organization. The procedure you use will depend on the nature of your purchase, vendor, and time frame you are working within.

  • Purchase Order: A purchase order (P.O.) is a guarantee of payment to a vendor upon placing an order or receiving the merchandise. The vendor bills the college referring to the P.O. number on the bill. The college pays the bill and charges it to the club/organizations account requested.
  • Checks: A club/organization may submit a check request seven days prior to the date the check is needed. If a vendor requires payment at the time of delivery, you will need to submit a check request in advance. A check request requires the signature of the club/organization adviser and coordinator of student activities. Check requests should also be submitted when a vendor bills the club/organization or when someone is being reimbursed for incurring expenses on behalf of the club/organization. Invoices and receipts must be attached to all check requests and turned into the coordinator of student activities before submitting to the Finance Office.

Note: It is the advisor's responsibility of the club/organization to maintain copies of all check requests, purchase orders, etc.


Clubs and organizations may have fundraisers provided they comply with the following:

  1. A Fundraising Form must be completed and presented by a member of the club or organization at an SGA meeting two weeks prior to the fundraising event before it can be approved. The coordinator of student activities must provide advanced written approval for all student fundraisers.
  2. Money generated must be used to benefit the club/organization activity or event.
  3. Club members may choose to conduct fundraising activities to increase the club budget. External groups cannot conduct fundraising activities to donate to a club’s budget. However, external groups can donate money to support a fundraising activity led by the club members.

Student Government Association Meetings

All clubs/organizations must have one club representative present at all SGA meetings. SGA meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at 3 p.m. in the Student Center, conference room 1. Refer to Article 4 Section 2 in the Student Guidebook for more information.