Starting a New Student Organization

Want to start a new student organization at HCC? An organization of special interest may be formed as long as it benefits the student body and is approved by the dean of students, following the guidelines established in the Student Organization Guide. All organizations must be open to all students regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnic background, national origin, age, disability or religion.

What you need to start your organization:

  1. The Student Organization Application Form
  2. A consenting full or part-time faculty or staff advisor
  3. At least three members that will act as officers
  4. A written constitution.

If you would like to request funds for your new organization, you will also need: A Budget Request Form and a Budget Account Objective Code Form, both found in the Student Organization Guide, detailing funds requested for the remainder of the current academic year. You will also need to turn in a yearly report of your organization's activities, projects and fundraisers for the upcoming academic year.

  • All returning student organizations must turn all of the above including your past academic year accomplishments.
  • All new student organizations will be reviewed by the Coordinator of Student Activities and Dean of Students for approval.

Preparing a Budget: A new organization may submit a Budget Request Form, found in the Student Organization Guide, to request funds. Try to be realistic in terms of amount of money your organization will be requesting for programs in the upcoming academic year. You must also include any income you project for the academic year as well.

Writing a Constitution: A constitution is a way of defining your purpose. This will help current and potential members to have a better understanding of what your organization is all about. Your constitution should state purpose, officer information and general policies of the group. Here is a general framework for a constitution.

You may choose to add other articles if you feel they are necessary to your constitution. This is simply a framework to use as a starting point.

  • Article I: Name of the Student Organization
  • Article II: Purpose (why has the organization been created, what does the organization hope to accomplish)
  • Article III: Meetings (regular meeting schedule)
  • Article IV: Officers and Advisor(s) (titles, qualifications and duties of the officers)
  • Article V: Elections of officers (procedures and timing for nominations and elections)

Download or reference the Student Organization Constitution Template to create your organization’s constitution.