Mini College for Kids

Mini College for Kids classes are for children entering kindergarten or first grade in the fall. For children entering grades 2 - 10, please go to the College for Kids website to select classes.


Week 1 June 19 - 23 Down on the Farm MIN-008-A $176 ($147, activity $21, registration $8)
Animal lovers will enjoy this week of activities designed to teach about the care of animals and where we get some of our food. Learn about agriculture, dairy cows and other animals through classroom activities and a trip to a farm. The week will include crafts, cooking and other fun activities. Register Online.
Week 2 June 26 - 30 What Pet Should I Get? MIN-009-B $171 ($147, activity $16, registration $8)
Whether you already own a pet or are thinking about adopting one, this class will help you decide which pet or breed is the right one for you. Have fun while learning how to care for your pet through online research, books, crafts, and a planned field trip to a pet store or vet clinic. Register Online.
Week 3 July 10 - 14 Diggin’ Dinosaurs MIN-004-C $176 ($147, activity $21, registration $8)
Calling all junior paleontologists: join us for a fun week of games, projects and a planned field trip to Dinosaur Land in White Post, VA. Kids will use books and computers to learn about the giant creatures that once walked the earth and will search for bones, make their own fossils and other crafts. Register Online.
Week 4 July 17 - 21 Scales and Tails MIN-010-D $176 ($147, activity $21, registration $8)
If you like lizards, snakes and other creepy, crawlies, this week is for you! Join us as we learn about the reptiles that live in our area and around the world. Get up close and personal with a python and an iguana at a traveling reptile show. Register Online.
Week 5 July 24 - 28 Everyday (Super) Heroes MIN-011-E $171 ($147, activity $16, registration $8)
Who do you consider a hero? Is it someone from a cartoon who can save the world or someone you know? Is your hero Superman, a firefighter, nurse, a parent or a teacher? If you want to learn more about the superheroes in our community, then this is the theme for you! Explore careers in the helping professions by visiting a firehouse and other places where everyday heroes work. Register Online.
Week 6 July 31 - August 4 A Bug’s Life MIN-012-F $171 ($147, activity $16, registration $8)
Learn about bugs in a whole new way as we look for the insects that live on our campus and study preserved specimens. We will learn about life cycles, insect behavior, which bugs are beneficial to humans and which are pests. Butterflies, spiders, ants, bees, ladybugs and more will be explored! Register Online.
Week 7 August 7 - 11 Out of this World MIN-013-G $171 ($147, activity $16, registration $8)
Come and explore the galaxy at Mini CFK! Create constellations, make a rocket and view the stars in a traveling planetarium. Try some astronaut food, watch a moon landing and learn about the upcoming solar eclipse. Make new friends and have some “out of this world” fun. Register Online.


To register, click the title of the course above to go to webAdvisor, HCC's online registration tool, and register online. You may also print a paper application and submit with payment to Terry Kitchen at the address listed on the form.

General Information

Mini CFK classes are located in the Children’s Learning Center on the HCC campus. The CLC opens at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. Mini CFK classes begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. Tuition includes the full day that we are open and meals are provided (breakfast at 8:30, lunch at 11:45 and afternoon snack at 3:00) at no additional charge.

Please note: Tuition is due at the time of registration (arrangements may be made for payment for multiple weeks). Tuition will not be reduced or waived for partial attendance due to illness, family vacation or other reasons. The application fee of $8 per class is non-refundable. Prepaid tuition and activity fees are refundable if cancellation notice is given at least 1 business day before class begins.