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Forming A Student Club/Org. Constitution

Why do we need a constitution? A constitution is a way of defining your purpose. This will help current and potential members to have a better understanding of what your club/organization is all about.

What is a constitution? It should state purpose, officer information and general policies of the group. Although there are several key elements of a constitution, this is just a general framework for a constitution.

  • Article I: Name of the Club/Organization
  • Article II: Purpose (why has the club been organized, what does the club hope to accomplish)
  • Article III: Meetings (regular meeting schedule)
  • Article IV: Officers and Advisor(s) (titles, qualifications and duties of the officers)
  • Article V: Elections of officers (procedures and timing for nominations and elections)

You may choose to add other articles if you feel they are necessary to your constitution. This is simply a framework to use as a starting point.