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Resources Available for Student Club Use

College Facilities for Student Club Meetings and Events Rooms on campus are available for club meetings and events planned by your organization. In order to reserve a space, you must complete a Room/Facility Request Form. If your activity requires any special furniture or A/V equipment, you must also complete an AV Reservation Form.

Students may fill out the room/facility and facility set-up request form as long as they have had approval from the club/organization advisor.

Catering If your club or organization is requesting refreshments, we have an on-campus catering service.

Publicity There are bulletin boards on campus that are available for clubs and organizations to post flyers and other promotional publications, but they must me approved by the Coordinator of Student Activities.

All forms must be signed by the club/organization advisor and handed to the Coordinator of Student Activities. Once the Coordinator of Student Activities has approved the event/activity you can continue with the event planning and other necessary paper work.