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Student Event Planning

The following is a guide for student clubs and organizations wanting to have an activity on campus!

  1. Decide what type of program you want to have.
  2. Get the program/event approved by the Coordinator of Student Activities.
  3. Check the college calendar for a list of campus activities for a date.
  4. Reserve the space that you will need by completing a Room Facility Request Form and Facility Set-Up Request Form. These must be approved and signed by your club/organization advisor. Also, if you will need catering, you can check out the website for further information.
  5. Look at your club/organization budget. If you will be requesting money in advance you must complete the Check Request Form at least seven days before you need the check. Submit all receipts, invoices and check request to the Coordinator of Student Activities before sending to Finance.
  6. Contact Campus Police at ext. 312 with information regarding the event/activity.
  7. Contact Maintenance at ext. 339 with information regarding the event/activity.

All Check Request Forms must be approved and signed by club advisor. Check Request Forms and Purchase Orders are available to Club Advisors only.

A Student Club/Organization Advisor MUST be present at all club/organization events/activities/programs. As the group advisor, they will be the one to most often fulfill the supervisory role for the club/organization. If the club advisor is unable to attend, the students are responsible for finding another faculty/staff member. The students must also let the Coordinator of Student Activities and the Dean of Students know the name of the substitute faculty/staff advisor