Loaner Textbooks for JTSR Students

Students who are eligible for JTSR services may request loaner textbooks for their classes from the JTSR Office.

Book Policies

  • Students who do not receive a book voucher related to their financial aid will be given first priority for loaner textbooks.
  • Students must be registered for classes before they can request a loaner textbook from the JTSR Office for that class.
  • Each semester, there is an established date when the JTSR Office will begin taking requests for loaner textbooks.
  • The JTSR Office stocks only certain textbooks so not all textbooks for all classes will be available.
  • The JTSR Office has a limited number of textbooks, and books are normally reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to those students who do not receive a book voucher.
  • All students borrowing books from the JTSR Office will be required to sign a book loan contract and agree to return the book, in good condition, by a prescribed date (generally the last day of the semester). Students who do not return books, or return them in poor condition, may have JTSR services suspended and may potentially be unable to register for future classes or request transcripts.