Child Care for JTSR Students

Students who are eligible for JTSR services may apply for assistance with the cost of child care while they are in classes at HCC. 

Child Care Stipend Policies

  • Each semester there is an established date when the JTSR Office will accept new applications for child care assistance. Applications will not be accepted prior to that date.
  • The application for child care stipend must be filled out completely and signed by the student and the child care provider.
  • Students may not apply until after they have registered for the semester in which they are applying for assistance.
  • Students must reapply each semester and must receive notification of approval from the JTSR Office.
  • JTSR students must notify the JTSR Office immediately if anything changes after the submission of their application (i.e., change in school schedule).
  • The child in child care may not be any older than 10 years of age. JTSR does not provide child care stipend for children in child care who are 11 years of age or older

Students approved for this child care help receive a stipend according to the following:

  • Full time (12 credits or more) = $33.34 per week
  • Three-fourths (3/4) time (9-11 credits) = $26.67 per week
  • Half time (6-8 credits) = $23.34 per week
  • Less than half time (1-5 credits) = $16.67 per week

NOTE: If receiving both transportation and child care assistance the combined semester cap is $500. Internet classes are excluded in both transportation and childcare assistance.