Transportation for JTSR Students

Students who are eligible for JTSR services may apply for assistance with gas mileage reimbursement OR bus passes while they are in classes at HCC.

Transportation Stipend Policies

  • Each semester there is an established date when the JTSR office will accept new transportation stipend applications.
  • The application for transportation stipend must be filled out completely and signed by the student.
  • Students may not apply until after they have registered for the semester in which they are applying for assistance.
  • Students must re-apply each semester and must receive notification of approval from the JTSR office.
  • JTSR students must notify the JTSR office immediately if anything changes after the submission of their application (such as school schedule or address change).

Students approved for this transportation help receive a stipend according to the following:

(amounts are per week)
Full time (12 credits or more) $25
¾ time (9-11 credits) $20
½ time (6-8 credits) $15
Less than ½ time (1-5 credits) $10

If receiving both Childcare and Transportation, then combined semester cap is $450. Changes in enrollment levels could affect your funding.

Bus Pass Policies

  • Students must be registered for classes and must receive approval each semester from their JTSR Advisor before receiving bus passes.
  • The bus pass is to be used by ONLY the HCC student to whom the pass is issued.
  • Students are to use their bus passes for transportation to and from their scheduled classes.
  • There should be only two swipes on the card per round trip. Multiple trips to campus in one day will not be approved.
  • Approved students qualify for a 20-ride pass at an interval of every 2 weeks.
  • Lost bus passes will not be replaced. Students will have to wait to get a new bus pass until the end date for the previous one expires.
  • Class attendance and academic performance are monitored by the JTSR office and bus pass recipients who are not attending classes regularly may be in jeopardy of not receiving another pass when their current pass runs out.
  • If Adult Education (ex: GED, EDP, ESL) students are given bus passes, it will be for 6 months ONLY.