HCC Student Parents

HCC students may be eligible for a number of resources to help with child care costs:

Pell grants and student loans

If a student receives Pell and/or student loans and there is money remaining after paying tuition and book charges, that money can be transferred to the student's child care account to help cover child care expenses for the semester.

HCC Foundation Scholarship

While this scholarship covers HCC tuition, this funding supplements Pell and other sources to free up money that can be used for child care.

Job Training Student Resources

If a student is eligible for JTSR services, that student can apply for a weekly stipend to help with child care costs.

Child Care Subsidy

Child care subsidy (vouchers) from the Maryland State Department of Education (formerly administered by DSS). Information and applications are available at http://msde.maryland.gov/MSDE/divisions/child_care/subsidy.