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Covering The Little Details

The following are some important details that need to be taken care of at the beginning of the semester.

Student ID Card All Hagerstown Community College students must have a student photo ID card. Once you have registered for classes you can obtain your ID card at the Student Center SGA office. Be sure to bring a copy of your class schedule with you. Your ID will permit you to attend College events/activities, check out materials in the library, obtain student records, make-up tests in the Testing Center, work in the computer labs, and use the ARCC.

Buying Books The Campus Store sells new and used textbooks. Do not unwrap the material or mark in your books until you are sure you have the right book and will not be dropping a class. Make sure you hold on to your receipt, too. The Campus Store will hold a book buyback at the end of each semester if you would like to sell your books back to HCC.

Parking Permit Hagerstown Community College has designated spaces for faculty, staff, President and Students. Please be sure to get your parking permit from the Campus Store (with the exception of Adjunct Faculty, which is handled by the Office of Academic Affairs during orientation), or you will be fined for parking in these spaces without proper identification. In order to save on time, you may complete your parking permit application in advance, if you have already obtained your HCC photo ID. The actual parking sticker will not be mailed. After completing the form, you must come in person to the campus Campus Store with your photo ID to pick-up your permit. There is also a courtesy desk in the Student Center for this process, should you not have access to a computer. Please review the HCC campus map to find appropriate parking spaces.