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The First Day of Class

Attending the first day of class is very important. You will meet your professor and be given a course syllabus of requirements for class.

Be sure to bring your class schedule with you the first week of class. This will list the days your class meets and the location. If you misplace your schedule, print out another using WebAdvisor.

College employees and student representatives, as well as students at the Welcome Desk in the Administration Building, will be able to help you find your classes and answer questions you may have the first week of classes. Remember, too, that all of the buildings are open Monday through Friday and you are welcome to come to campus before the semester begins to find your classrooms, become familiar with student parking, and locate student support services.

What to bring:

  • Something to write with
  • A notebook
  • Your textbook (if you’ve already bought it)
  • Your class schedule

You will want to keep your syllabus with you, it is a contract between you and your professor on what is expected from you.