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Other Testing Options

About Exams

The payment options to register online are Visa and MasterCard. ALL testing fees are non-refundable. Make sure that you want to continue with this registration.

Accuplacer Remote Location

Given at HCC for students of other colleges for the purpose of providing useful information about your academic skills in math, English, and reading. The results of the assessment, in conjunction with your academic background, goals, and interests, are used by academic advisors and counselors to determine your educational path.

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HCC is a testing site for technicians seeking Automotive Service Excellence certifications. Visit to create your account and select your exams. Once you've registered your exams through ASE, schedule your appointment with HCC by clicking the link below.

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The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national program of credit-by-examination that offers students the opportunity to earn college credit for achievement acquired through previous study, personal experience, adult learning, and other sources.

Students can retake the same CLEP test after 6 months.

Fees: The fee for each CLEP test is $110.00, which includes a payment of $30.00 payable to Hagerstown Community College and $80.00 payable to CLEP.*

Two forms of photo ID are required on the day of the test. For more information, please visit

*Starting January 1st, 2014, all CLEP® exam payments must be made by test-takers online through the My Account registration portal. From there, you will receive a voucher upon paying $80.00 to CLEP. Please bring this voucher to the test center on the day of your exam.

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Compass Remote Location

For students taking the COMPASS series of assessments. Please inform your college/university that you plan to take the exam at Hagerstown Community College. Your institution will then generate a Compass Registration # on your behalf. Once you obtain this number, please book a seat with us by clicking the link below.

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The DSST program is an extensive series of 37 examinations in college subject areas that are comparable to the final or end-of-course examinations in undergraduate courses. ACE recommends 3 semester hours of credit per test. For more information, visit

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Other Colleges

HCC offers proctoring services to students of other colleges/universities.

Exam materials and instructions can be submitted by your institution via mail or e-mail ( Note that most institutions require prior approval before submitting exams to a proctor. Check with your institution well before your exam deadline to ensure all the necessary paperwork is taken care of.

Please call (240-500-2398) or e-mail us ( to confirm that your exam materials have been received. Schedule your appointment by clicking the link below.

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Pearson VUE

HCC is a certified Pearson VUE testing site. Visit to schedule your exam and book a seat at Hagerstown Community College.