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COVID-19: Information for Faculty

COVID-19: Information for Faculty

The following manual provides step-by-step instructions for moving your face-to-face (F2F) course content online:

Getting Your Course Online in a Hurry

This manual, along with other effective teaching resources are available to all faculty on the Fletcher Center's Resources webpage.

As we work through this transition, we would like to provide a brief overview of the resources, which are available to all of our faculty members:

Learning Management Systems

Faculty without active course shells will be given immediate access to build classes, within either the Moodle or D2L learning management systems. These learning management systems will allow us to continue hosting classes, participate in live chat, and in some cases access the built-in web conferencing tool.

If you have not completed any training for D2L, please visit the self-paced D2L Training for Instructors course or participate in a live training session, before attempting to setup your classroom. The D2L Support team has also shared the following list of resources, for those faculty preparing to quickly move their courses online: Changing from live classroom to online courses with D2L.

E-Learning Tools


Camtasia allows you to record your onscreen activity, audio, webcam video feed. You may also upload, and add narration to existing PowerPoint presentations. The following video highlights how to use Camtasia in order to edit, produce, and share course content: Using Camtasia.


This tool allows you to record your computer screen, and also edit content. Please watch the following video, which outlines the wide range of available features within this product: Using Snagit.

Alternate tools

Faculty also have the option to use tools such as Microsoft Powerpoint and YouTube to record content, which can be substituted for live lectures:

Video Conferencing


This tool can be used for hosting virtual meetings with students, on either a 1-on-1 or group basis. This website provides a detailed walkthrough of the steps involved with using this tool: Getting Started in Zoom.


Faculty also have the option of scheduling meetings on their own using free tools such as Skype.

Note: Zoom meetings are currently scheduled via our Learning Technology department; however, faculty in D2L classrooms will have the autonomy to schedule their own virtual meetings with the use of a built-in tool.

Proctoring Exams

Respondus Test Authoring provides access to testbanks, and allows you to transition your quizzes/exams into a virtual format, which can then be uploaded into the LMS.

Respondus Lockdown and Monitor can both be used for proctoring exams. You may find more information about these products, and register for their training webinars at

Points of Contact

We are strongly encouraging everyone, to familiarize yourselves with the aforementioned list of resources. Registration links for any upcoming training sessions on campus, and more detailed information about these tools will be available on the D2L Instructor Resources classroom.

We will also be using that online class space as a central location for training registration, answering questions about software, and sharing general updates from vendors.