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Academic Services & Online Support

Academic Services & Online Support

Academic Services & Online Support

The Academic Services & Online Education Department (formerly known as Online Education & Instructional Support Services) oversees Learning Technology (LT), Distance Education, the Fletcher Faculty Development Center, Internship and Job Services, the Library, and the Academic Testing Center.

Learning Technology

The Learning Technology unit provides support to faculty, staff, and students in the use of instructional technology equipment in the classroom, D2L learning management system, and other distance education technologies. The unit handles all equipment and installations on campus and at remote locations. Learn more at

Distance Education

Many HCC classes are offered in multiple formats to include the traditional face to face meetings as well as the hybrid or fully online formats. It is imperative that all classes meet the same high standards and learning outcomes. As a member of the Maryland Online consortium, HCC has adopted a research-based rubric for online education from Quality Matters. This program is a nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online courses and their online components. HCC will utilize the QM training and rubric to maintain and review online courses to provide continuous improvement.

The Learning Technology Department can assist faculty with learning how to effectively utilize D2L, the HCC Learning Management System. There is ongoing training for building and maintaining quality online education for faculty. If you need assistance with using D2L, please contact or call 240-500-2587 to set up an appointment. Learn more at

Fletcher Faculty Development Center

As a learning-centered institution, HCC is committed to quality instruction in all courses. HCC is extremely pleased to be able to make available the services of the Adjunct Commons and the Fletcher Faculty Development Center to assist all HCC faculty members, who are so important to the success of HCC’s students. The Fletcher Center is located in the Behavioral Sciences and Humanities Building (formerly known as the Classroom Building). Professional development materials and resources are being available for use by faculty in the Fletcher Center. Learn more at

Internship & Job Services

The Internship and Job Services Office facilitates student learning and development in the areas of experiential education, career development, and job search for students enrolled in the HCC Internship Program. The office supports the college’s mission to foster regional economic development by serving as a workforce development partner in the local community. Learn more at

William M. Brish Library

The William M. Brish Library is committed to utilizing the latest technology to provide services and resources, both on and off campus, to meet the academic and professional needs of all members of the college community. The library subscribes to a variety of electronic resources and offers a strong core collection of physical materials that fully support the college’s programs and curriculum. In support of student retention, librarians work to empower students to successfully locate and evaluate scholarly information by providing individual and group instruction, as well as point-of-need reference assistance. The library maintains a quiet and welcoming environment that fosters student success. Learn more at

Academic Testing Center

The Academic Testing Center is dedicated to enhancing student learning by providing comprehensive, accessible testing services. The Academic Testing Center strives to fulfill the needs of students and the community by subscribing to the professional standards and guidelines established by the National College Testing Association. Providing a safe, secure, and efficient testing environment, the Academic Testing Center serves a number of disciplines in the educational and professional arenas. Learn more at

Learning Support Center

HCC's Learning Support Center (LSC) works closely with the Academic Services and Online Education Department to foster an optimal learning environment for supplemental instruction. The LSC offers resources for both students and faculty to impact course success levels. The LSC provides academic support to all students taking credit and non-credit courses at HCC. Learn more at