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Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Distance Learning

The Distance Learning department oversees the college’s online and blended learning courses, administrates the central Learning Management System, and other e-learning software. Distance Learning provides training and support to all faculty, and responds to technical issues for students. Learning Technology, the Fletcher Faculty Development Center, and the Academic Testing Center are also members of this overarching department.

Online & Blended Learning

HCC classes are offered in multiple formats, to include 100% online courses, as well as hybrid or blended course delivery. Through a process of continuous improvement, we ensure that courses delivered in the virtual environment are at the same standard as courses offered in our face-to-face classrooms.

As a member of the Maryland Online consortium, HCC has adopted best practices from the Quality Matters (QM) organization. Their program is internationally-recognized, and designed to certify quality in online/blended learning courses and programs. HCC utilizes QM resources, and their peer-review process to ensure a high level of quality within our courses.

Learn more about our courses on our Online Education page.

Learning Management System

Distance Learning oversees the effective use of the D2L Learning Management System (LMS) and other e-learning software tools. For assistance please contact or call 240-500-2701. Learn more about our LMS.

Learning Technology

The Learning Technology (LT) unit manages technology, and equipment within our physical classroom spaces across the campus, and at any remote locations. The LT staff regularly provide audio visual support during HCC-sponsored events, such as the annual Graduation Ceremonies, Tribute Dinner, and Flower & Garden Show. This unit responds to direct requests from instructors, students; in addition to internal and outside groups using HCC classrooms & conference spaces. LT also handles installation or maintenance of all classroom technology. Learn more at the Learning Technology page.

Fletcher Faculty Development Center

As a learning-centered institution, HCC is committed to quality instruction in all courses. The Fletcher Faculty Development Center at Hagerstown Community College provides a facility, staff support, and professional development to help the college’s faculty members maintain and improve excellence in teaching. The Fletcher Center is located in the Behavioral Sciences and Humanities Building, room 106 (BSH-106). Learn more at

Academic Testing Center

The Academic Testing Center is dedicated to enhancing student learning by providing comprehensive, accessible testing services. The Academic Testing Center strives to fulfill the needs of students and the community by subscribing to the professional standards and guidelines established by the National College Testing Association. Providing a safe, secure, and efficient testing environment, the Academic Testing Center serves a number of disciplines in the educational and professional arenas. Learn more at the Academic Testing Center.