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Student Center Room/Space Request Form

Student Center Room/Space Request Form

The Student Center has nine areas that can be reserved for events. These areas include six meeting rooms and three open areas. It is the responsibility of the person/department making the reservation to set up the room to meet your event needs, and to re-set the room to the original style at the conclusion of your event. If your meeting will include Zoom or another online meeting format, please choose Conference Room 1 & 2. That area is now set up for online and/or in-person meetings.

Main Dining

STC- 141 & STC-143


To make arrangements for catering, please complete the Catering Request Form. NOTE: Catering Request Forms have to be submitted by an HCC employee.

For questions or additional information, please contact the Student Activities Office at or call 240-500-2602. 

Meeting Spaces (enclosed rooms)

Student Center Conference Room 1 (Room Divider in place), STC-141

  • Contains tables and chairs up to 20 attendees
  • 1-screen and 1-projector

Student Center Conference Room 2 (Room Divider in place), STC-143

  • Contains tables and chairs up to 10 attendees
  • No screen or projector

Student Center Conference Room 1+2 (Open Divider), STC-141&143

  • Combines both conference room one and two as shown above
  • Set up for online and/or in-person meetings

Student Center Conference Room 3, STC-182

  • Contains tables and chairs up to 23 attendees
  • 1 screen, 1 projector
  • Meeting could be moved if room is needed by the president at that time

SGA Office, STC-171

  • Contains tables and chairs up to 12 attendees
  • 1 projector with white board


Open Area Spaces

Lobby (Main Entrance)

  • Accommodates 3 rectangle tables and 6 chairs
  • Examples of use: Club info. tables, college/job recruiters, community resources tables

Main Dining Hall, STC-181

  • Seating up to 150 (includes 12 high top tables for 2 and 27 tables for 4)
  • 2-projectors and 2-screens
  • Sound system/podium/stage with theater lighting available

Café Dining, STC-139

  • Contains tables, booths, and chairs up to 50 attendees
  • 1 mounted TV, portable TV's are available
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