Adult Literacy Services


The ABE Program’s mission is to provide students with educational and workforce training opportunities to enhance their lives as individuals, workers, and members of the community. Students can access courses designed to support development of basic literacy skills, English-language acquisition, GED preparation and short-term career training programs. Students interested in registering for ABE classes must be at least 18 years old and fully withdrawn from public school. Students who are 16, 17, and 18 and are receiving or have completed home school instruction are also eligible with proper documentation.

Program Registration Requirements

All students are required to attend Orientation and complete pre and post assessments. Students can access upcoming Orientation dates and times through the links provided below.

Adult Basic Education (ABE): Courses designed to support development of fundamental reading, writing, and math skills. ABE courses set the foundation for students to be successful in higher-level GED Preparation courses or short-term career training programs. Courses are free.

GED Prep: Courses designed to prepare students to take and pass the GED exam and earn a Maryland high school diploma. Students can take enroll in either Social Studies and Language Arts courses or Math and Science courses, or both! Courses are free.

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National External Diploma Program (NEDP): Provides a self-paced, individualized opportunity for adults to earn a Maryland high school diploma. The program allows adults to demonstrate their high school-level skills by applying their life experiences in real-life situations. Students must meet pre-testing requirements in order to enroll. Cost: $90.

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Family Literacy: GED Prep courses designed for students who are parents with children 16 years old and younger. Classes are offered in partnership with the Washington County Family Center. Free childcare is available to those who have children 3 years old or younger. Classes are free.

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English as a Second Language: Beginning and Intermediate-level courses designed to support learning of the foundations of the English language. Students will learn the basics of reading, writing, speaking and listening in English. Courses are free.

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ESL098 and ESL099: This course is designed for students whose English proficiency allows them to meet professional and social demands, carry on conversations, and grasp deeper contexts in the language. The classes provide non-native English speakers with the opportunity to pursue college-level coursework. Upon successful completion of both courses, students transition into ESL 100 and ELL 101. ESL. Courses are free but students are required to purchase textbooks. If you have taken the Accuplacer placement exam and tested into one of these classes, please register here:

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Careers in Less Than a Year!

Courses designed to provide students with career training certifications. Students work to develop the necessary skills for certification completion and career readiness, while also strengthening basic literacy and soft skills. Minimal fees are attached to some of the training certifications. Grant funding assistance is available to those who qualify.

Office Associate Training: Students will learn the necessary skills to be successful in the role of an administrative office associate. Students will build fundamental computer skills, develop a thorough working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, adding levels in QuickBooks and creating webpages. Certification is awarded upon successful completion of program requirements. Minimal fees may apply to those who do not qualify for grant-funded assistance.

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Career Training for English-language learners: Courses designed to provide career training and certifications for non-native English speakers. Students will successfully complete short-term training programs that lead to certification in various fields, while improving English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. This opportunity enhances students’ chances for immediate employment. In order to be eligible for enrollment, students must possess High Intermediate or Advanced-level English-language skills, which is determined by reading and listening pre-assessments.

Forklift Operator: Train to be a Forklift Operator while developing fundamental reading, writing, math and soft skills that will help students to be successful in the workplace. Certification is awarded upon successful completion of program requirements. Minimal fees may apply to those who do not qualify for grant funded assistance.

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