Tuition & Fees

The real cost of education is the "out-of-pocket" cost after financial aid is taken into consideration. Financial aid is available to students who qualify. Financial aid may cover more than just the tuition and fees. Money not used to pay for tuition, fees, and other HCC charges can be used to pay room, board, and transportation. Refund checks used to pay living expenses are mailed to students or can be directly deposited to the students' checking accounts. Financial aid resources are intended to supplement, not replace, the financial resources of the student.

The following chart shows estimated costs and expenses for the 2014-2015 academic year:

Residency Status Tuition per Credit Hour Annual Tuition and Fees* Full Time (12 Credits) 3/4 Time (9 credits) Half Time (6 credits) Less than Half Time (3 credits)
In-County $110 $3108 $1554 $1191 $882 $438
Out-of-County $172 $4496 $2298 $1749 $1200 $624
Out-of-State $226 $5892 $2946 $2234 $1524 $786

*Annual expenses listed above and below are for a two semester year and are based on a combination of tuition, college fees, and possible lab fees, as some courses require labs. Your actual billing may vary based on your credit load and class schedule.

Additional Annual Expenses  
Books and Supplies $2100 Note: All costs are subject to change at any time by action of the Board of Trustees of Hagerstown Community College.
Transportation $1012
Personal and Educational Expenses $1400
Room and Board*
Independent $10126
Living with Relatives $5064

*HCC does not offer on-campus housing. Estimates are from local rental opportunities in Washington County, MD.