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Department: Continuing Education and Business Services
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Forneris Debriefing Faculty Guide
Forneris Simulation Scenario 02
Forneris Simulation Thinking Presentation
Gaither Sonography and Stroke Presentation
Giles-Brown OBGYN Sonography Presentation
Hardy Echocardiography Presentation
Hari Cardiomyopathy Presentation
Howard Simulation Presentation
Department: College Advancement
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Foundation Brochure
Department: Learning Support Center
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Frequently Used Statistics and Formulas
Graph Paper - Six Grids
Graphs - Math 101
Department: Student Affairs
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Free Speech and Peaceful Demonstrations Policy 8068
Intercollegiate Athletics Program Policy 4035
Involuntary Student Withdrawal Policy 4011
Department: Human Resources
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Full-time Exempt Fringe Benefits - FY14
Full-time Faculty Exempt Fringe Benefits - FY14
Full-time Non-Exempt Fringe Benefits - FY14
Harassment Prevention Training
Department: Mathematics and Science Division
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Fun with microscopes: A gallery activity for the very young
InnovaBio-MD Fact Sheet
Introduction to Microscopes
Department: Admissions, Records and Registration
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Getting Started at HCC
Getting Started at HCC for Military Personnel & Veterans
Department: Technology and Computer Studies Division
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Graphic Design Fact Sheet
Industrial Technology Fact Sheet
Information Systems Technology Programs Booklet
INT 113 - Fall 2012
INT 213 - Fall 2013
IST 102 - Spring 2013
IST 266 - Fall 2012
Department: Academic Affairs
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Graphic Design GEPD - FY12
Health Sciences & Nursing Health Requirements
Honors Information for Faculty
Honors Information for Students (PDF)
Industrial Technology GEPD - FY12
IST: Computer Support Specialist GEPD - FY12
IST: Technician Specialist GEPD - FY12
Department: Internship and Job Services
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Guidelines for Using Current Employer as Internship Site
Internship Handbook
Department: Disability Support Services
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Handicapped Accessible Map
Department: Public Information and Government Relations
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HCC Brand Management Guide
HCC Logo - Black
HCC Logo - Black and Green
Department: Physical Education and Leisure Studies Division
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HEA 103 - Fall 2012
Department: Health Sciences Division
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Health Sciences Booklet
Department: Food Services
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Hilltop Grill Menu
Department: English and Humanities Division
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HUM 101 - Fall 2012
Department: Behavioral and Social Sciences, Business Division
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Human Services Fact Sheet