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Department: Technology and Computer Studies Division
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Information Systems Technology Programs Booklet
INT 101 – Introduction to Industrial Technology Master Syllabus
INT 102 – Introduction to PLCs Master Syllabus
INT 104 – Facilities Safety and Compliance Master Syllabus
INT 105 – Plumbing and Pipefitting Master Syllabus
INT 106 - Welding Master Syllabus
INT 107 - N01 Master Syllabus
INT 110 - Master Syllabus
INT 111 - Pump and Motor Operation and Maintenance Master Syllabus
INT 113 - Fall 2012
INT 113 – Instrumentation and Process Control I Master Syllabus
INT 116 - Welding Layout and Fabrication Master Syllabus
INT 203 - PLC Applications Master Syllabus
INT 213 - Fall 2013
INT 213 – Instrumentation and Process Control II Master Syllabus
IST 100 - Computer Basics Master Syllabus
IST 101 – Basic Keyboarding Master Syllabus
IST 102 - Spring 2013
IST 102 – Introduction to Information Technology Master Syllabus
IST 103 - Presentation Software Master Syllabus
IST 105 – Fundamentals of Word Processing Master Syllabus
IST 106 – Spreadsheet Software Master Syllabus
IST 107 - Database Management: Access Master Syllabus
IST 108 - Microsoft Windows Master Syllabus
IST 109 - UNIX/Linux Operating System Master Syllabus
IST 132 - Introduction to C and C++ Master Syllabus
IST 133 - Visual Basic Master Syllabus
IST 134 - Introduction to Java Programming Master Syllabus
IST 150 – PC Tech: Repair and Troubleshooting Master Syllabus
IST 151 - PC Tech: Operating Systems Master Syllabus
IST 154 - Networking Basics Master Syllabus
IST 155 – Networking I Master Syllabus
IST 156 – Networking II Master Syllabus
IST 160 - Information Security Fundamentals Master Syllabus
IST 266 - Fall 2012
IST Computer Forensics - Program Outcomes Guide
IST Computer Science - Program Outcomes Guide
IST Computer Support Specialist - Program Outcomes Guide
IST Network Administration - Program Outcomes Guide
IST Simulation and Digital Entertainment - Program Outcomes Guide
Department: Mathematics and Science Division
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InnovaBio-MD Fact Sheet
Introduction to Microscopes
Investigating the Microscopic World: Designing authentic experiments using microscopy
Department: Student Affairs
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Intercollegiate Athletics Program Policy 4035
Involuntary Student Withdrawal Policy 4011
Department: Internship and Job Services
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Internship Handbook
Job Hunting Websites
Department: Academic Affairs
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IST: Computer Support Specialist GEPD - FY12
IST: Technician Specialist GEPD - FY12
Department: Continuing Education and Business Services
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Jeffries Clinical Simulation Presentation