The Director of Facilities Management and Planning is responsible for the college’s facilities construction, renovation, and maintenance, and custodial services. In collaboration with the dean of planning and institutional effectiveness and the vice president of administration and finance, the director plans and oversees the implementation and management of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which includes state and county reports.

The Plant Operations and Maintenance Department is responsible for interior and exterior maintenance of buildings, building systems (HVAC, electrical, mechanical), road and parking lot maintenance, campus open spaces, college vehicles, and minor construction and alterations.

The Grounds Maintenance Department’s function is to establish and maintain a beautiful and safe landscape that the entire campus population can enjoy.

Custodial services strives to provide students and employees a safe, clean, and secure environment in which to learn, teach, and work. Custodial services are performed late at night and in the early morning hours to maximize the efforts and time of the custodial staff and to minimize disruption to students and staff.

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