Student Reporting Forms

Please choose one of the following links to submit a report:

The General Student Report Form is a proactive approach to provide cross-campus support/response to students who are experiencing personal challenges that may hinder their academic success, who appear to exhibit unusual behaviors of concern, or whose on campus behaviors may have violated the Code of Student Conduct. Completion of this form allows community members to share a report with the Dean of Students’ Office to determine the most appropriate response; reporters may report for informational purposes only. The goal is to intervene before these students develop more serious problems such as mental health concerns, failing out of classes due to extreme personal challenges, or exhibiting disruptive behaviors that go against the campus community standards. The report goes directly to the Office of the Dean of Students for response within 48 hours. For use by students, faculty, or staff.

The Academic Integrity Reporting Form is for making reports related to academic dishonesty such as cheating, plagiarism, or misuse of College computers. When these rules appear to have been violated by a student, the faculty member’s report is sent to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services who will either send a letter of reprimand to the student or schedule a meeting of the College Hearing Board. The Academic Integrity Reporting Form goes directly to the Office of the VPAASS for processing. For completion by faculty or staff.

The Student Assistance Form helps students needing assistance navigating college offices to get their needs met. Students should complete this form if they are experiencing a non-academic concern and are unsure of where to go for assistance. The report goes directly to the Dean of Students’ Office for follow-up; students completing a Student Assistance Form will receive a response within 48 hours from a professional within student affairs/student services. General student concerns and questions about campus procedures are responded to most efficiently once this form is completed and filed. For completion by students only.

NOTE: Student Report Forms are not meant for reporting concerns related to faculty teaching. In such case, the student should first meet with the instructor to voice his/her concern. If not satisfied, students may voice concerns with the academic division director. If still not satisfied, the student may voice concern to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services.